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Small Perl/Tk Script for burning of finished SVCD-Images

Version 1.0

Manfred Schmidt-Voigt, Hamburg 2002

In addition to my convertscripts (svcd.sh) for converting VDR files into SVCD image files I have developed a small Perl/Tk script to be able to choose in a more comfortable way, what has to be burned to a CD-R. It is also possible to choose a whole directory with the script cdrdaobatch.sh to burn all image files in one run, but if problems occure its always a bit complicated to start again.

As a solution there is now this script with the following features:

  • Choose complete directory
  • Choose single SVCD images
  • Choose all files from a whole subtree
  • Simulation mode
  • Starting:
    svcdbrenner.pl -s -d /mpegs
    -s# Simulation mode (the CD will not be burned)
    -d <directory># Startdirectory

    Here is the script itself:
    svcdbrenner.pl.bz2 (please snip off '.jpeg' from filename)


  • download
  • uncompress
  • run it
  • Success
  • (Joy!)
  • What to do in case of problems:

  • Is there a PERL installation with Tk support ?
  • Is there a cdrdao installation ?
  • Is there a CD-R in my device (empty disk) ?
  • Are there SVCD Images in the directory of choice ?
  • ...

  • History

    Version 1.0 06.06.2004 First Version